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About Us

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Hi there, it’s Kaspars and Una here.

It’s nice to see you on de Nomad World.

  • We are both experienced travelers and marketing professionals. Our first long-term trip was a 5-month bicycle trip across India, on a budget of less than 10 euro / dollars a day. It was tough. And it also made us tougher. Learn more about our travels us from this interview. Speaking of work, we do SEO and content marketing — we help companies to be found on Google.
  • We have been digital nomads since 2013. Since the very first trip, that cycling trip across India, we were looking for ways to work online, to make the digital nomad lifestyle possible. Even though we had never heard the term of “digital nomad” up until maybe 2015, haha. We went to Chiang Mai for the first time in 2014; it felt much quieter back then.
  • We love travel, outdoors, reading books, and good food. Keep this in mind, when reading our digital nomad guides and itineraries. If you have different interests, and, for example, are into partying or shopping, or village life, …. or spirituality, you may not relate to what we are sharing and recommending. Keep this in mind!

Here, on this website, we share our experience as digital nomads.

Our Priorities as Digital Nomads

These are things we look for when traveling as digital nomads.

These are things that matter to us, when deciding about staying somewhere longer.

Depending on how well the place checks these boxes, we sort them into:

  1. Sightseeing only destinations,
  2. Short-stay destinations (up to 2 weeks),
  3. Long-stay destinations (4+ weeks).

For work we recommend only 2 and 3.

See the list of destinations where we have been to.

Long stay ready

How good is the city / town / country for long stay? For 2-4 weeks or longer? How is the internet? Gym? Activities? Food? You aren’t just traveling, you are “living” there.


We both are foodies, so food matters to us. Having a great cafe culture is awesome. A big bonus point if there are grocery stores or convenience stores everywhere.


Is the place interesting to be for a longer stay? Are there a lot of different things to do? How easy is it to get outdoors? Hiking trails? Beach? Is the place walkable?

Kuang Si, Luang Prabang, Laos

How We Started Traveling?

Pack one bag and book a one-way ticket to a faraway country. 

Quit your job, give everything you own away, and GO! 

This is more or less how it started.

And it started with a 5-month cycling trip across India in 2013.

Cycling Across India? Wasn’t It Scary?

It was. It was very, very scary at first. At the same time deep inside ourselves we felt, that it’s something we need to do now. We felt like it might be a really good adventure. And so we did it. We left our home to see the world.

What an adventure it was!

Adventure that started everything.

Adventure that changed our lives forever.