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Digital Nomad Itineraries, Guides and Tips

Curated by Kaspars and Una, experienced travelers and marketing professionals, who have been digital nomads since 2013

Lahore, Pakistan

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Tips

Having a flexible work schedule, that’s awesome. Exploring new places and trying new things, we love that. But how to balance work and play while on the go? How to make it work in the long run? How avoid digital nomad burnout?

iPhone 12 Mini

Services, Tools, and Apps for Digital Nomads

Money apps. Digital nomad insurance. eSIMs for travelers. Hours trackers. Everything you need to stay productive and organized while on the go.

Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Digital Nomad Itineraries

Travel itineraries for digital nomads by digital nomads. Digital nomad base recommendations. We know what you want — to explore new places and cultures while still getting work done and staying productive.

For Digital Nomads By Digital Nomads

On October 11, 2013, we started our adventure of discovering the digital nomad lifestyle. Only, back then, we didn’t know that we were on such a journey. We just wanted to try long-term travel. And maybe… just maybe, to learn how to earn money online, so we could travel longer than initially planned 6 – 12 months. Remote work wasn’t a thing yet. And freelancing was viewed as temporary work.


Hi there, it’s Kaspars and Una here. It’s nice to meet you

Kaspars M

Kaspars loves very much the same things like Una – travel, good food, hiking, cycling, and reading books. And… he also loves wandering around aimlessly in new cities, filming that process of getting lost, and making jokes on TikTok.

Una B

Una is a foodie who loves to travel, cook and read. She is a morning person and loves to get her workout in at the gym before starting her day. She enjoys cycling and hiking when she’s not working.